Protect, Enhance & Display Your Valuables
A Handcrafted Acrylic Display Case From
Sport Display Holders
Each of our products are meticulously handcrafted, flame polished units, most of which come with a personalized engraved name plate. We have a wide range of different display cases, which will accommodate most of your display needs, be it sport or non-sport items. Example of a display case to hold model cars
Example Display case to hold baseballs or hockey pucks. Our products are so unique that the U.S. and Canadian Governments have issued Sport Display Holders Registered design rights for most of our product lines. This web site will have the dimensions of the inside useable display area of each case, to provide you with the information needed to help you choose the case suitable for your needs. If you still do not see anything that will meet your display needs. You can call us for a price quote on a customized display case.


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